F is for Fox

I sketched this yesterday (and inked it this morning) based on a stuffed fox in a diorama at the nature center of Richmond's Three Lakes Park, where we had our annual Mother's Day picnic. It was the last one as a family of three, as we're all set to welcome our second kid into the world this Wednesday, via the miracle of C-section. We're not 100% sure on the name yet, though Evie, my three-year-old, wants to call him "Schwally". Unfortunately for him, that'll probably be his nickname whether he likes it or not!


Brad McGinty said...

That's a hell of a fox! Just shows what a difference drawing from an actual model can make.

Young Shwallce Ullman it is!

Robert Ullman said...

And how! I'll have to pass all this knowledge on to young Sherman Wallace one day.