Do I Hear $10?

Young Schwally's impending arrival has left my ability to attend this year's Heroes Con, just four short weeks from now, very much in question. I do, however, plan to contribute something to the annual Art Auction and send it along in my absence, at the very least.

Here's a quick study of what I have in mind. I'm always so impressed when I see pieces in the auction fetch high numbers... I figured if I pandered a bit to the clientele while staying in my own specific wheelhouse, I could hopefully finally see one of my pieces reach into the triple digits! We shall see!


Patrick said...

Well Rob, I'll miss chatting with you about what happened to the Pens (although I guess we really do know...1-35 PP!?!) or speculate on Crosby (still a little nervous) and free agency (please sign Talbot) but family is more important.

Good luck with #2 and your auction piece. Our first (and only?) was born shortly after last year's Heroes and I'm having a hard time thinking about handling two!

-Patrick (who thinks we WOULD'VE beat Tampa WITH Matt Cooke...)

Kivus said...

I've been waiting for this ever since you posted the Duke one last year. I have a feeling it will blow through my price range.

My girlfriend (a much more die hard Carolina fan than I) immediately said "Look at the number! That's Larry Drew II's number, he quit on the team", followed by various profanities). She recommends 40, 23, or 50 if your goal is to really get the price up.

Good luck with "Young Schwally".

Elaine Greywalker said...

Where'd the photo of Schwally go? Oh, yeah, blogger deleted yesterday's posts. Forget why now. Anyway, wanted to post a congratulations yesterday and couldn't. So, congratulations! Hope the little guy stays healthy and happy.

Kevin Freeman said...

Well, it's better than a Duke girl, I suppose :)

Heather said...

She's a super cute babe as usual, but ugh, Tarholes.