Weekly Sketch 2/10

Still waiting on word on my computer...I don't even think it's been looked at yet. Though we have an Apple store at the mall, I usually do my business with a small, locally-owned shop here in town, preferring to try and support the little guy. Gotta say, though, their service often fails to impress, and they do literally nothing to reward your loyalty. I've spent literally thousands of dollars there in the last ten years, actually spending more to support them, and yet when I go into the shop, icy disinterest is the best reception I can hope to get. Sometimes when you try to help out the mom & pop shops, you end up looking like a sucker.

But anyway, if there's one thing you can count on to cheer you up, it's naked girls! Enjoy!


dylanio21 said...

I am cheered up!
Yeah I'd change shops.

Elaine Greywalker said...

I back up once a week to an external drive, so if my iMac died I'd only lose a week. heh heh I would die without an Apple Computer with an internet connection. Or become a permanent resident of the local branch of the library. Just renovated with huge comfy chairs and lovely electrified desks.

Anonymous said...

Oh No!

Is throwback Houston Oiler Girl on that damaged computer?

She was coming out so great. I have the proofs if you need them. And don't worry. I can wait for her.


Mark said...

I was thoroughly disabused of the notion that "small=beautiful" after working at a small business for a month. Sometimes "small=the owner couldn't hack it a corporate environment where they are required to interact in a reasonably polite manner with people who have the misfortune of reporting to them, and not just coast on the reputation of their ivy league degree, but actually take the time to learn something about improving productivity in the office, like learning to use Excel or Outlook."

But me? I'm not bitter.