My computer is fixed. HUZZAH! The process was not without controversy...the aforementioned local Mac shop still hadn't even looked at it as of yesterday morning, or so much as called to explain why. Livid and with my patience at an end, I drove right over and picked it up, to deafening indifference...no "we're sorry, we've just been busy" or "what can we do to help you"...just "Here." I made an appointment at the Apple Store's Genius Bar for this morning, brought it in at 10:15 am, and not quite two hours later, the OS had been reinstalled and I was back up and running, with nary a file lost. Consider that a lesson learned.

Anyway, here's some art from a few years ago for a pitch that didn't go anywhere...some kind of computer protection software. Seemed to relate.


Dr. MVM said...

I love them both, but the first one is out of this world good.

damon said...

wow very cool!