Talkin' Tribe

I'm officially feeling it. Although it might not happen tonight, with the Sox leading in the eighth, I think this is the year the Cleveland Indians finally reach the World Series and win it for the first time since 1948. It's a hard thing to even imagine, after enduring all those last-place finishes growing up in Ohio in the 70s and 80s, and all the close-but-not-quite playoff runs of the 90s. It'd be all the more satisfying, too, should the ALCS victory come at the expense of the Red Sox...Boston fans are some of the most vociferous whiners in all of sports, constantly bemoaning their heartbreak and misfortune despite winning championships in all four major sports in the last 35 years. If any of you fackin' pussies wanna know real suffering, spend a few years as a Cleveland fan!


Sean McGurr said...

Rob, you should make up some prints of this image. I know of at least two fans of yours and the Indians that would be willing to purchase them.

Keath said...

One of your best yet Rob!

jjtv said...

With fans like these, it's no wonder the team has had their attention -errrr