Happy Halloween!

I used to do a hell of a lot more fun stuff on Halloween than I do now...which is a drag, 'cause it's one of my favorite holidays. My old hometown of Kent, Ohio used to close off a few downtown streets so that everyone could slap on a costume and walk around and have a great time...these days, I never seem to know where the cool parties are. Ah well, at least there'll be trick or treating with the kid in a couple years!

Anyways, here's a few random Halloween-centric spots from the archives, and an all-new skelly girl for the occasion!


Keath said...

Sweet Skelly Girl!

Finally got my half of the promised exchange in the mail to you - hopefully it's arrived by now. Sorry for the delay!

Jay Geldhof said...

Skelly Girl=Awesome.

Mack said...

I'd agree with Jay about Skelly Girl. Plus your girlies with the long stockings are pretty damned awesome anyway. :)