Beautiful Dreamer

I've been reading a lot of Kirby lately, specifically the handsome Fourth World Omnibus volumes produced by DC. One of the bigger surprises in reading these stories is how much I've been enjoying the Forever People chapters. I've long been aware of the book, but never really gave it much thought, thinking it looked too corny even for a Kirby fan like myself. I was right about one thing...it is completely corny, but also completely entertaining. If comic books were still like this I'd probably buy a lot more of 'em.


Keath said...

I'm reading the Fourth World Omnibus myself right now - although I'm just at the start of Volume 1 with all the Jimmy Olsen stories. It's kind of a trip to see Kirby do Supes.

It doesn't take long to realize who's doing the art in those issues. I think it's the second page of the first collected issue where you see the boy's jet ship - classic Kirby style...

Shon Richards said...

I think Kirby is one of those creative people you appreciate more as you get older. As a kid, your headspace is already in weird anything-goes world. As an adult, that becomes harder and harder to pull off yet darn it, Kirby makes it look easy.

Only a kid could come up with the Forever People but only Kirby could make it work.