What I Shoulda Done

The freelance illustration biz being what it is, sometimes deadlines are just too tight and a drawing has to go out the door before you get to really squeeze your mind grapes and come up with the best possible composition. Such is the case with this illo from last January, about a spate of slutty behavior by a couple pageant queens. The illo is totally fine as printed...strong in composition, gets the idea across quite well, I think, and was enjoyed by all. But a couple weeks after I completed it (and cashed the check), it dawned on me that a camera phone snapping a photo of Ms. Nevada's antics would've really sealed the deal. So, here it is again with that little addition made, and with apologies to the fine folks at Las Vegas Weekly for not thinking of it sooner!

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Not Applicable said...

Haha. That pic is too classic. That little addition DOES kick it up a notch.