Some S--- I'm FAR Too Busy to be Messing With

My local shop, the great Velocity Comics, holds drawing contests every few months, the prize a gift certificate to the store. There's always a theme...draw your favorite Avenger, draw Wolverine fighting somebody...this time around, the theme was WATCHMEN. I came up with a pretty fun idea right outta the gate, but it took me awhile to find the time to put brush to board...if you wanna know the truth, I still don't have the time...but it was really too good to pass up. And what's the comics biz if you can't go nuts and have some fun once in a while?

It's a parody of the cover of FLASH COMICS #92 (by, I believe, Joe Kubert), with Nite-Owl, Captain Metropolis and the Silk Spectre of the MinuteMen standing in for Hawkman, Flash and Black Canary. One of the things I really dug about WATCHMEN was the flashbacks to the first generation of heroes...the simpler times (on the surface, anyway) they enjoyed before the world went to hell. I imagine this as being a relic of that era.


Mack said...

Very cool, Rob. All the recent hubbub about the Watchmen movie has forced me to get out my copy of Ultimate Watchmen and start re-reading the monster. :)

Richard said...

Oh, this makes me grin like an idiot.

(Some may argue this is the only way I ever grin, but the point is this drawing fills me with delight.)

Paul Vivier said...

Great concept, Rob. Hope you get the prize. Yours is a much happier Watchmen.

I'm impressed with your post-a-day, btw. That's not easy to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm curating an art show that focuses on comic art. Would you like to show and maybe sell a few pieces. Call me.


Enrique Acosta