I've been working the last couple of days on a pin-up for Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan's highly entertaning SubCulture comic, the first issue of which hits the streets this fall. Here are a few sketches of the female lead, the sassy, cynical Noel, just to get a feel for the character.

Then I set in to tackle the actual pinup... I figured Noel seemed like the type of girl who'd sit on the roof of her apartment building and drink a tallboy out of a paper bag, so that's the image I went with:

I thought the pose was a little stiff though, so I had her slouch a little more for the final:

I stared inking it this afternoon, so it oughta be finished soon...I'll check with Kevin and see if it's cool to post the final!


Jay Geldhof said...

Paper bag? Yeah, ya don't wanna get busted by them wacky "Roof Police Units!"
Fuck the R.P.U.!

Looks great so far Pally!

Matt said...

The slouch and slight head tilt make the bottom pose the best! Hope you get to post the finished piece.

kfreeman said...

Consider my permission given! The final version kicks ass, btw. Thanks Rob!