Well, the big storm has come and gone and we're pretty much none the worse for wear. It was kinda cool, actually, as powerful, extreme weather that ultimately does no substantial damage can be. Sure, it was kinda inconvenient that our power was out the majority of yesterday afternoon... but I managed to do some work at the coffee shop down the street, so that was all right. And as of right now (noon Saturday), our cable is still out, which makes me look like that more of a genius for picking up season three of Arrested Development the other day (and gets Mrs. Chappy out of the house to see a movie for once). Our basement didn't flood. The drainage channel I built last spring worked like a charm. It really was the best you could hope from a hurricane.


Fletch said...

Love arrested development! Best wishes on the cable and the storm!

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This 2011 year had seen the most deadly and violent storms ever, hope no more people die.