Weekly Sketch 4/04

...kinda ridiculous I'm still callin' this "weekly sketch", considering the last one was over a month ago. Ah well.

Big thanks go out to everyone who checked out TEENY BIKINI #1! Hope you all dug it, and that you'll be back in a couple months for issue two...and speaking of issue two, I wouldn't be too surprised to see the images below end up in there somewheres!

I ordered a bunch of Sanford Col-Erase pencils from Dick Blick a couple weeks ago, and I'm really having a blast sketching with 'em... just love 'em to death. 10 each of Blue and Carmine Red...and at just .39 each, they don't break the bank.


Mack said...

Atom Bomb Bikini #1 was great, Rob. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love those Col-erase pencils, too! Blue and red are the best. Where can I get a copy of Teeny Bikini?

Anonymous said...

TB #1 was excellent, Rob! I really liked the vellum overlay to show the inks-over-pencils. A very cool effect.

Anonymous said...

Teeny Bikini reached!

Thank you(^_^)