Boom and Bust-Page 2

All right, I suppose I should have described this story as "mostly wordless" in the previous post. Still, if you're talking about the gold rush, and you're limited to one word, what's could possibly be more appropriate than "GOLD!"? Especially as uttered by a scruffy n'er-do-well with a couple teeth missing?


Eric Sturdevant said...

That first panel has kind of a "Brokeback Mountian" feel to it. lol

Alonzo the Armless said...

Terrific storytelling, Rob! Nicely drawn and easy to follow.

When do they get published?

Anonymous said...

Ah, shades of "Silent Interlude."
Where's Snake Eyes?

Robert Ullman said...

It's always about Snake-Eyes with you, isn't it, Rusty?