More Zatanna

I sold that illo of Kamandi's girlfriend Flower a couple days ago, to a guy who's dropped a good amount of cash on my original art the last few years. He mentioned digging the sketches of Zatanna I posted last time, and so I decided I'd whip him up a quick drawing of Zee as a li'l "thank you". I sketched around a bit (always fun with a character who wears fishnets!), and eventually ended up settling on the image above. Look for the inked version in a day or so!

And while I'm on the subject of the Maid of Magic...I noticed earlier in the week that DC had solicited a new Zatanna action figure as part of its Alex Ross "Justice" line. Like the other figures in the line (and pretty much everything Ross does), it's creepy and overdone. But what I really can't get over is how...boring it is. I mean, it's a lady in fishnets and a top hat...yet it has all the sexuality of a K-Mart lingerie ad. How can you screw that up? The same goes for his Black Canary figure, which came out awhile ago. I can't imagine this guy has ever had a boner in his life.

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