Have you ever been drawing or inking, and it's not coming out right, and you just get all pissed off and feel like breaking your pencil or brush in two? Well, occasionally I do just that.

Yep, that's a Windsor-Newton Series 7 #2, the gold standard brush for comic-book inking. About $20 a pop. I bought a couple from Dick Blick a few months back at a pretty sizable discount...but for some reason, the thing never worked right. I usually use a Series 7 for three or four years before I wear it out, but this thing went bad right away, with stray hairs everywhere and a tendency to split which made it near-impossible to keep a point. So, fuck it. Better luck next time.

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Brooke Ullman said...

Way to go slick - there goes your burrito money for the next 2 weeks.