Hey, Hey, Hey, Buccos Go All the Way

Well, sadly, probably not...and it often seems like not ever. But today is the Pirates opening day, and while we Buccos fans likely can't hope for anything more optimistic than finishing only a handful of games below .500, we can celebrate the glory days by picking up Wilfred Santiago's beautiful new graphic novel "21: The Story of Roberto Clemente". I just bought it myself this morning, and am looking forward to digging into it...I'll share some thoughts about it later on!


Anonymous said...

Let's go Bucs!!!

Todd V said...

Bucs Win! 6-3....Do I hear a Cinderella Season coming?? We are Fam-A-Lee!!! 2011!!

Uh, no. But I'll take a Bucs win when I can get it...may be the last one for a while.

Great Illo Rob.

Go Pens.

PK said...

sorry about the loss today (she's a great addition to your previous Pirate girls!)

Are you going to be @ Comicon NY in Oct.?