Special Edition

Back when the Atom-Bomb Bikini hardcover came out, I was toying with the idea of including an original 6"x6" pencilled pin-up in a limited number of copies. Didn't really have much time to sink into the idea, so I scrapped it, but not before I worked up a couple of examples.


pk said...

Rob, your generosity has no bounds!! People still see the piece we commissioned from you and say it's the most awesome thing!

We still have the space girl you sent out with the book (proudly framed with all our other pieces) and she gets almost the same praise as our original Canucks!

Keep it up and maybe MoMA will call!!

(I am so wanting an Alt. Ranger piece, but my g/f said only if Luongo wears one...grrr!!)

Robert Ullman said...

Dude. Much as I hate the Rangers, I'd love to take a crack at those jerseys. Hard pressed to think of even one member of their team I like. Marc Staal, maybe.