Devil Yoga!

This piece was for a new client...kind of. Supremely talented art director Benjamen Purvis hired me to do a few of my all-time favorite illos while he was at the helm of Las Vegas Weekly a few years back. Ben has moved to Seattle and begun working for a beautiful magazine called Seattle Met, and recently got in touch with me to provide some art for his new book.

The story was a light piece poking fun at a local pastor who'd made some kind of dull-witted equation between practicing yoga and practicing satanism. His idea was for an over-the-top devil yoga instructor lasciviously hovering over an unsuspecting young student. Always nice to know I'm the first guy folks think of when they need something seedy drawn!

Anyway, as it turns out, it was too lascivious, and had to be toned down just a smidge for print. I received a copy of the issue in the mail today, and even with the changes, the whole production looked pretty fantastic. Here's hoping I get another chance to provide more art sometime soon!


TomC said...

This is pretty funny. Another great piece!

Anonymous said...

Yoga instructors ARE the devil! What's the word on yer Atlanta show?