SPX Haul

I arrived home to a hornet's nest of buzzing deadlines...I'll jot down some thoughts on the show when I can, but for now, here's the haul!

From top left: Rare Words by Mark Burrier; We Take the Bottom With Us by Ian Sampson; Diary Comics by Dustin Harbin; Seduction of the Innocent by Various, edited by Lance Hansen; The Lost Art of Zim: Cartoons and Caricatures edited by Joe Procopio; THB by Paul Pope; It's Dream Time Snoop Doggy Dogg by JT Yost; Apooka by Mike Roll; Ferzan Zwei by Lamar Abrams; Derby Girls by Ray Fawkes; The Retreat by Jamie Tanner; Mixed Up and Drawings 2010 by Jim Rugg; Desmond's Devastating Dozen by Joe Foo; Ice Cream Sandwich by Jim 8ball; Cragmore by Pat Lewis; Boobs, Poop and Poo by Sam Sharpe

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Mark said...

Lol, I'd forgotten I'd bought THB by Paul Pope, finally gotten around to reading the Tintin collection I purchased on Amazon a few months ago.