Something Odd

I noticed the other day, while lamenting deadlines too severe to hammer out a blog post, that the total number of entries here at Atom-Bomb Bikini over the last three years (on the counter over there on the right sidebar) is 140 in 2007, 141 in 2008, and 141 again in 2009. Uncannily, while those numbers are almost exactly the same, they're completely coincidental, not reflecting anything but the regular ebb and flow of the frequency of my posting habits.

Certainly shows some telling insight into how my mind works...diligence then procrastination, ignore then overcompensate, lather rinse repeat, in frighteningly habitual manner!


Shano said...

Very interesting. That's a lot of posts. I just looked at my post counts and dropped my head in shame. Also realized that 2010 has been a horrible horrible year for me. Thanks a lot Rob!

dylanio21 said...

That is really cool.
I am like that too with my blog.