Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2010 - Western Conference Finals

(1) San Jose Sharks vs. (2) Chicago Blackhawks

When I picked the Blackhawks in the quarters, some anonymous jagoff in the comments section accused me of having an east coast bias (and dropped an N-bomb, to boot)...and when I picked against them in the semis, a different (I'm assuming) anonymous jagoff accused me of the same thing. You just can't win.

Anyway, this series could prove to be the de facto Stanley Cup Finals, and matches up a couple of the teams I traditionally root for when the Pens aren't in the mix. As such, I find myself in the rarest of positions: No rooting-against interest! Yeah, the Hawks have Marian Hossa, and I can't stand the guy, but I like enough of the other players on the team that it kinda cancels him out...and besides, once the Penguins beat him with Detroit to win the Cup last June, and in a series in which he was largely invisible, a lot of my disgust for him dissipated, kinda feeling like justice had been served.

So, factor in that with the fact that, though they largely seem to have overcome their seasons-long case of chokeitis, I just can't bring myself to fully believe in the Sharks, much as I like them. So, give me great entertaining series, and the Blackhawks in seven.

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Evan S said...

Hawks in six, then they take the cup in the same number of games. "Maple Leafs...1967" will now be the opponent mock chant of choice after the Hawks end their 49 year drought.

This Sharks/Hawks series IS the cup final, but I just think the Hawks have crazy depth and Niemi is better than his doubters give him credit for.

I'm just pissed that I have a business trip/wedding to go to on the east coast that will force me to sell my tickets to games 1 & 2 in the Cup final if the Hawks get that far.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed, that you were 0 for 4 in the conference semis?? So I guess I'll look forward to a Sharks / Flyers showdown.

chibi said...

have you ever noticed how annoyng anonymous posters are? man-up and put your [screen]name in front of your comments!

"east coast bias"? last time i checked, chicago is in the middle of the country.

anyway, i've been avoiding writing anything for fear of jinxing my beloved bruins. alas, they have bowed out, though not after going farther than expected. with the way they battled in the playoffs and the 2nd pick in the draft, i think there is much to be excited about for the bruins.

now if i could just get a job out here in portland so i could start buying some of your work...

Peter said...

Love the Montreal girl! Was saddened that Vancouver copped out...are you recovering from the Pens loss?

Really would love to see an original 6 match-up...(considering I will never see the Rangers ever get back until Glen Sather is fired, which will NEVER happen).

Are you doing any NY-area appearances this summer? I know you have your banner, and the closest you are is Baltimore...

Keep it up!!

Scott S said...

Chibi, does this make you feel better. Here's a posting with my name.