Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2010 - Eastern Conference Finals

(7) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (8) Montreal Canadiens

Maybe shoulda made that "Leastern Conference".

Philly makes the playoffs on the very last day of the regular season, needing a shootout victory to do so. Montreal knocks off the President's Trophy-winning Capitals and the defending champion Penguins, making it look easy much of the way. And here they both are in the Eastern Conference Finals. That's the Stanley Cup playoffs for you.

Gotta admit, though I have a soft spot for the Habs (much like the Hawks and Sharks out west), I'm really not feeling them too much this season, which I suppose is to be expected after their drubbing of the Pens. But I absolutely loathe the Flyers, and everything they stand for.* Much as I think it'd be hilarious for Philly to beat Montreal, get to the Cup Finals, then get swept by either Chicago or San Jose, that scenario leaves way too much to chance...especially in a year where absolutely nothing makes sense.

Anyway, to cut to the chase...I think Halak waits until the finals to melt down, and I like theCanadiens in six.

Simply cannot believe I'm writing that.

* Has anyone caught the "Broad Street Bullies" special currently airing on HBO? It's tremendously well done, but unlike other such documentaries, where I finish watching and feel ...I dunno, a respect, I guess, for the team profiled, even if it's one that I don't usually like...this one left me hating the Flyers more than ever, with their goon mentality and the shit-for-brained fans who come to every game demanding to see a fight. Nothing I'd like to see more than 35 more years of failure for that organization.


jc said...

while i can't speak for the rest of the flyer faithful (and believe me, i don't really want to), i have actual brain matter as opposed to fecal matter... go flyers.

Robert Ullman said...

Don't take it too personally...loathe though I may be to admit, I do call a couple of Flyer fans friends, mainly 'cause they don't share the fists-first attitude.

Actually, now that they have a smart guy like Laviolette behind the bench, that attitude may change...which'd be horrible news to this Pens fan. The thing I like about the Flyers is how you can always count on them to be their own worst enemy!

chibi said...

stupid flyers!

...that's all i could think of...

M said...

heh that's funny cause i've been saying the same thing for years.
although i was cheering for them in 1997, that was really only for the sake of former jet dale hawerchuk and ron hextall who [apart from recchi] was the only player on the team i had any respect for at one point.

i've had similar issues with my run-ins with [the majority] of flyers fans though. basically the attitude being "what's the score? who cares! did you see that fight!".

unfortunately for montreal, they're going to have to overcome the old "flyer flu" and find a way to withstand the punishment if they have a hope of winning this series.

one thing i will give the flyers though, the fans seem to stick by their team. since moving to calgary a couple years back, i have yet to see a city so prone to "bandwagonitis" as the people here. if the flames make the playoffs all of a sudden everyone is a fan. this year, most people don't seem to even notice the playoffs are still on.

Anonymous said...

Love the drawings.
But your picks have been pretty poor.
Looking forward to your drawing of a Flyers babe with Lord Stanley when Philly wins it all.
Go Flyers.

Anonymous said...

You haven't picked one series right. That doesn't vote well for my habs.

Interesting Blog - nice artwork


Robert Ullman said...

Thanks! But hey, don't blame me, blame the Habs!