Western Conference Finals 2009

(2) Detroit Red Wings vs. (4) Chicago Blackhawks

I case I haven't mentioned it before, I hate the Detroit Red Wings. In every round thus far, I've wanted to pick against 'em (especially in the semis against the Ducks, who I really had a feeling might take 'em...and came close, taking them to seven games), but haven't quite had the guts to do so. This, however, is where that changes.

I might be going with my heart over my head here, but I'm picking Chicago, and here's why: While the prevailing feeling seems to be that, similar to what happened to last year's Penguins team, the Blackhawks are young and lack the experience of their opponent, and will be on the mat facing an eight-count before they know what hit them. The problem with that theory is that these Blackhawks have already played the Red Wings six times this season, winning two and losing four, with two of the losses coming via shootout. They're familiar, and they know what to expect.

Also, the Red Wings, despite the addition of gutless cockwallet Marian Hossa, seem a little less dominant than they did last year, and all of their already old-ass lineup is even older. I think they're ripe for the picking. Blackhawks in seven.


Anonymous said...

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Nate said...

Why are the Blackhawks a "young" team? They were founded in '26: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Blackhawks

Not meaning to be hostile saying that, just wondering what "young" refers to about them.

Robert Ullman said...

Not the team itself, but the average age of the players. For instance, the Blackhawks' captain, Jonathan Toews, just turned 21 years old. Another of their big stars, Patrick Kane, is only 20. As opposed to the Red Wings, whose captain Nicklas Lidstrom is 39. Their Chris Chelios is 47!

Nate said...

Hmm, should be interesting to watch then. The Blackhawks will definitely have more energy, but the Red Wings will have some experience on their side. If the Red Wings can score early and then hunker down they'd probably do well, but you're right, the Blackhawks can probably keep going longer and win more later in the series, even if they experience more injuries.

BloodyGuts said...

OMG "gutless cockwallet"! Hahaha, Rob you are awesome.

Bfm said...

As a Red Wings fan, I thought I'd offer a response to your post.

The Red Wings probably would be the best team to hate in the NHL if they weren't my team. Isn't it odd that Detroit is the location of the most Yankee-esque (i.e. buyers of established talent) franchise in hockey?

Game 1 was a great game to watch (the Lakers were on at the same time; yawn) and I think this is going to be a great series. Experience is a great explanation for things except when its not. The Wings definitely feel like they are slowly heading out to pasture but they may have one last stand in them.

I don't know what "gutless cockwallet" means but "gutless, overpaid hack" wouldn't be inaccurate in describing Hossa in Game 1.

I'm new here. Do you still have a dog in this hunt?

Robert Ullman said...

Bob, I'm a Penguins fan...hence my disgust for Maid Marian. Sure, he had every right to do whatever he wanted to with his career, blah blah blah...I see his spurning the Pens and joining the Wings right after losing to them in a herd-fought finals as an unbelievably mercenary and cowardly move, and I'd hate to see the universe reward such coattail-jumping with a Stanley Cup.

Also, I admire your ability to see why someone would dislike the Red Wings, despite the fact that they're your team. A lot of the Detroit fans that I see commenting on blogs, etc. seem really vexed that everyone doesn't fall all over themselves in praise of the Wings. It's a much more emotional response for me, and for a lot of others, I'd imagine. I'm a Steelers fan as well, and I'm not only expecting a backlash, I understand it!

Bfm said...

Ah yes, the Maid Marian betrayal would make it a lot worse. My formative years were divided in Wisconsin and Michigan so my team loyalties are split. Packers-Tigers-Bucks-Red Wings. Favre simply considering going to the Vikings this year is something that I may never be able to forgive him for (I'm fine with The Jets last year--they aren't one of our hated rivals). So I can understand the emotional response.

From a outsider's perspective, the Steelers success doesn't come as obnoxiously as say, another one of my most hated franchises in sports, the Cowboys. Everybody will be gunning for the Steelers but there won't really be a backlash.

I could also see a lot of people hating the Packers because of all that "the little franchise that could" blather in the media. It makes me sick sometimes.

Alonzo the Armless said...


chibi said...

"gutless cockwallet"!!! i love it!

i am still a bruins fan though my boys let me down against the canes. i was looking forward to a bruins/pens series. as soon as the canes won and the wings moved on also i started envisioning a detroit-pittsburgh rematch. this reminded me of you and your heartbreak from last year and i immediately thought of how much you would hate seeing hossa raise the cup this year. i think the rematch will be fun and i'm praying for seven games with all of them needing several overtimes to be decided.

i have to say that i don't think the wings are anything like the yankees. the majority of the talent on the wings is home grown. drafted and developed right in their own system. they've maintained a culture of excellence for over 15 years now. i just can't bring myself to hate them the way i understand baseball fans hate the yankees. i also can't begrudge hossa for taking less money to sign with them. of course, he didn't leave my team to do it....

good luck!

Kansas said...

I hate the Red Wings. Too bad they won.

Kenn Minter said...

What a great idea!