My most recent strip over at Richmond Magazine tells the story of my rabid obsession with the Penguins. None of this will come as a shock to the readers of this blog, however!


Anonymous said...

I too have been obsessed with the Pens...except my fanatical behavior is approaching lunacy. I watched damn near every game this season when televised on VS or NBC...and if not I sat in my basement office listening on NHL.com. When they fired Therien and Gonchar came back, I really felt they had a good shot at the playoffs. Now that game 1 of the finals just ended with the Flower pushing in two goals for the Shitwings, I feel crushed.
Suddenly, I realized I have t-shirt from a local record store that ripped on the Redwings logo (a record replaces the wheel)...this is where the lunacy comes in....I ran upstairs after the 3rd goal, pulled out the shirt...and cut it into tiny pieces.
Wings are cooked now....Pens win game 2.

kelsoy said...

The 'Free Candy" leads me to belive you are a reader of The Pensblog!

Pens in 6
Do it.