Traffic and Weather

My new web-strip, Traffic and Weather, debuted this past Friday on richmondmagazine.com, the all-new, souped-up web-straveganza of Richmond Magazine. The strip is very similar in tone and style to Lunch-Hour Comix, and probably could have been called that, actually...but a new title gives me one more thing to list on my resume, so Traffic and Weather it is!

Read episode one here...and new strips will appear every Thursday. Also, I need feedback, people, so don't be shy!


Shano said...

Awesome. I was just saying to the Latta last week or so how much I need new Ullman comics. Good stuff. I'm a Steelers fan too btw.

Paul Vivier said...

Rob, I always love your art. So, I'm not sure I could ever give any feedback on that. You do what you do, and keep on doing it.

However, I have difficulty with the way you present the narrative in this strip. This may be your style, but you asked for feedback. I think I'd like it better if you verbalized more of the narrative through your character's thoughts and actions instead of telling us directly. Still tell the same story, just think of a different way to give us the info. I think it would make it more engaging. Let me know if you want an example.

Sorry if this isn't the kind of feedback you wanted. Hope I didn't just stick my foot in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Is there an RSS feed for this? Or will you be posting it on ABB?

(also, go Steelers!)

Robert Ullman said...

I knew you were a smart guy, but my estimation of you has now soared through the roof!

Don't sweat the criticism...I welcome it! Actually, you make a good point, and I can see what you're talking about. It's always a bit of a puzzle trying to decide what to show and what to tell with strips like these. I tend to "over-write" them for the amount of real estate I have at my disposal...which makes all that narration more of a necessity. Plus, it's frankly been awhile since I've done any autobio strips, and to be honest, I'm still kinda finding my way back. Hopefully, these early strips won't be too clunky as I get back into the groove.

I'm interested, have you read Lunch-Hour Comix? How would you rate the strips in that collection against this one?

For now, the strip will exclusively appear on the Richmond Magazine site, since they're picking up the check and it's among their featured content. There may be an RSS feed over there. Either way, don't worry, I'll try my best to keep you updated over here as well!

Will Pfeifer said...

Rob, I like the rougher style you're using here -- makes it seem more immediate, like we're reading your journal or something. One thing: I actually like the lettering in the balloons better than the caption lettering. Goes with the sketchy style of the art.

Wred Fright said...

Good stuff as always, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I really liked it Rob. I set a bookmark to catch more of them.


FFJewbacca said...

Excellent. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I like it, Rob. Your autobio stuff has always been wordy, especially in terms of the way you use first-person narrative, but I like your authorial voice, so it's never bothered me. You have a natural ability to say things "out loud" on the page that makes me want to read/hear it.

I would suggest experimenting a bit, given that you're doing a series of short strips. Try the challenge of a wordless strip, or a strip driven entirely by dialogue, or a strip featuring you but told from someone else's perspective. If it doesn't work, well, it's just one strip.

The art, as always, is aces. Love the use of color, too.

--Rob Clough

Anonymous said...

I loved it! Laura did too!

I'm not sure I agree with the comments about wordiness and 'showing vs. telling'. The lunch-hour type strips are more like anecdotes or personal histories. It's not an "in the moment" narrative about characters--at least not this one. I like that we get so much info crammed into one strip.

I do agree with Will that the computer lettering isn't as good a fit as the hand-done stuff, but I understand the economics of hand-lettering don't work for you here. I certainly can live with it.

BloodyGuts said...

They're all great! I love narrative comics! (I dont know any comic lingo, so maybe there is a better descriptor? Are all comics narrative?) Anyways, I am jealous that your Trader Joes has beer! Arg!