Facebook Fears

One of the things I dig about crap like Facebook is that it allows me to show my previous classmates that, despite my having been a complete, utter nerd in high school, that I more or less have my shit together these days. Not in an "I'll show those bastards!" kind of way...more of a "Hey, I don't dress like Marty McFly anymore!" kind of way. Some people, however, do not feel similarly adequate at their current station in life, and continue to feel bullied and belittled even years after graduation, as this piece I did for the Boston Phoenix illustrates.

Personally, I feel like anyone who gives shit one about what their fellow high schoolers think of them even a second after they toss that cap in the air is a hopeless pants-pee. But maybe that's just me.


Mack said...

great illo

Anonymous said...

You can't have been a complete nerd in high school, you hung out with me!

Actually, you probably did that just to look less nerdy next to me. I was the "fat friend" to your "hot chick."

OK, now it's sounds like you were a chick in high school, and that's absolutely, probably not true.