Stanley Cup and Cheesecake - Keystone State Smackdown

(2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (6) Philadelphia Flyers

People feel the same way about the Philadelphia Flyers as they do about the Barenaked Ladies: They either absolutely love them, or they'd like to see their bus sitting at the bottom of the sea, all hands on deck. For my part, there is absolutely no team that I would rather see the Penguins beat on the way to a Stanley Cup Final. I hate the Flyers like I hate the Patriots, Ravens and Braves. That's why it's going to bring me such great pleasure to see the Penguins out-skate them, out-hit them, and generally out-class them as they knock them out of the playoffs.

I'd almost like to see it go all seven games, just to make it that much more heartbreaking for the people of Philthadelphia, but with the Flyers best defenceman, Kimmo Timmonen, out indefinitely with a blood clot in his leg, I have trouble seeing it go past five. But I'll take the Penguins in six, just because I'm sure the Flyers are bound to cheat their way to at least one victory along the way.


Unknown said...

Down, dirty and nasty ... just like the Pens/Flyers rivalry. Nice touch with Flyer Girl getting a black eye from 'guin Girl. Top shelf!

Let's Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Rob, I have always hated the Flyers (well, since I started following hockey as a kid). My daughter knows the "booing Santa Claus" story. Here's to the Cup coming back to Pittsburgh. My in-laws would be thrilled!

HockeyKnight said...

I like coming here to check out your latest artwork all the time - especially the hockey girls.

I find your work to be comparable to Bruce Timm and his masterful artestry. Please Keep it up!

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

Flyers Girl has man-hands.

I can tell how much you despise the Flys (like me): You actually made the Flygirl somewhat unappealing.

But what's with the knee-sox? I was a big fan of the thigh-high hockey stockings...


Robert Ullman said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellas. The Pens just won Game Three to go up 3-0, so I'm starting to feel pretty confident. I'll have to start thinking up something pretty good for Pens/Wings!

As far as the Flyers girl goes, I tried to make her slightly less appealing, but it was difficult. I'm not sure she's a real Flyers fan anyway...she has teeth!

Anonymous said...

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