Ghosts of Christmases Past

With the big day just a week away, and inspired by a post over at the Lurid Board, here's a few of the holiday cards I've sent to friends and clients over the years:

Last year's, which I was pretty pleased with:

This one's from 1999, just a couple months after I adopted a little dog and named him Puck:

In 2003, I was buy as hell with client work and we'd just moved to Richmond in mid-November. It was all I could do to hack this out and e-mail it to everybody:


Juan. said...

i reeeealy love your style!!

Owen said...

The snow-trooper is awesome!

Jay Geldhof said...

You should link to the actual post.

Robert Ullman said...

I honestly thought I did! I'll fix it!

Jay Geldhof said...

It's a long and ponderous chain you bear, Chappy!