Richmond Con Stories

Two or three times a year, the affable Brett Carreras of Brett's Comic Pile here in Richmond throws a comic book convention...and god bless 'im, he almost always invites me to exhibit as one of his guest artists. Problem is, every time I go, I always seem to sit there all day and not talk to anyone except the other exhibitors. Which leads me to believe that folks don't to go to the Richmond Con to meet artists...they go for the voluminous amount of dollar boxes and fifty cent comics.

That's what I always thought, anyway. Turns out they just couldn't be less interested in me!

I guess if you go to enough SPX's and Crafty Bastardses, you start to get a little bit of an inflated ego. You think you can sell your stuff anywhere. A few hours at Richcon cured me of this misconception right quick.

A couple highlights:

  • A dude came up to James "Barf" Callahan, who was sitting next to me, and asked him to sign his show poster for him. I lent Callahan my silver sharpie, he signed the guy's poster, and then the guy walked away. Both our names were on the poster.

  • Another dude (also waiting to talk to Callahan, as I recall) took a glance at my table. Here's how the conversation went between him and his girlfriend.
    "Do you want a That's Just Super button?"
    "They're only seventy-five cents."
    "That's okay."

Nice. It wasn't long after that that I packed up my stuff and left...I didn't really want to miss that big Browns/Steelers game, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Raymond, you knob...

Boo! Still haven't got your loyalties straight, huh!? We'll get our revenge soon. It's pretty clear the Browns are the team of the future!

Oh yeah, sorry to hear about the lame response at the show. Don't worry, you're good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone-it...people like you!

(Bill H)

eris said...

Don't worry, people are, with great interest, watching you create.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that's just how those local shows go. I sat next to Duane Ballenger for a small show and I don't think but 2 people stopped by the WWP table. We were doing interviews and as it turns out everyone goes for the deals. I think even Duane was there for the deals.

And really, you practically sold out of everything at SPX and isn't that what really matters?