4th Annual Ginter Park Show

Hey, if you're a resident of Richmond (perhaps linking to the site via RVA Blogs) and you don't have any big plans for Saturday afternoon, why not take a jaunt up to the Northside and check out the 4th Annual Ginter Park Arts & Crafts Show? There'll be artists of every stripe in the house, including myself, as well as over 20 others!

See the details and partick'alars below. Hope to see you there!

WHERE: 3421 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond
WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 1, 10 am-5 pm
WHO: Over 20 artist, Including:
Rob Ullman- Comics and Illustration
Kelly Alder- PopIdiot Tshirts
John Haddad- Photography
Diana Vicenti- Fiber Arts
Jim Callahan- Comics and Skeatboards
Steve Bennet- Oil Paintings
Plus Jewelry, ceramics...you name it!

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