Ever since I got back from Chicago (actually, since about ten days before I left), I've been swamped under a mountain of work. About a half-dozen spot illustrations, a full page illo for Richmond Magazine, another full-page comic strip about the state of baseball in Richmond for that same issue of Richmond magazine, several brochures and postcards, and installing a new kitchen faucet. It doesn't stop there, either...I've got several other big jobs in progress right now, all due by the end of the month. Wow. Almost makkes me wistful for the days last spring when I was complaining about having no work (Just kidding!)!

Anyhow, all this activity really takes it's toll on my ability to concentrate on any one thing for any amount of time...suffocating under an impending deadline, and there I am just sitting and staring at a blank page because I can't block out the head noise long enough to get started! In a way, though, it makes arriving the job's completion that much more satisfying because of all the suffering that went into the process. I guess there's really no point to any of tis other than to wonder if the same thing happens to anyone else out there!

Boy, does this ever read like a Mrs. Chappy post!


Anonymous said...

it does. keep up the good work, rob.

Brooke Ullman said...

You couldn't handle a Mrs. Chappy day!
- Mrs. Chappy

Eric Wolfe Hanson said...

I know what you mean. The porridge is never just right, it's always too hot or too cold. And sometimes the porridge has glass in it and it hurts your mouth. And the bears...uh.....this metaphor doesn't work very well at all.