Brave Old World

One of the projects I've been working so feverishly to complete in the last couple weeks is a strip for Richmond Magazine on the state of baseball here in town. Here's a panel...the rest will be available in the September issue, which should hit newsstands in about a week and a half. I'll post the whole thing here once I get the okay from the higher-ups.

To briefly summarize: The stadium here in town, The Diamond, is dilapidated and outdated, even though it's only about twenty years old. It's also kinda located in the middle of nowhere...it's close to my neighborhood, but little else. There's been a debate in Richmond for several years now whether to build a new downtown stadium, or renovate the one we have. Personally, I'm 100% for building a new park, even though there's about a million other things Richmond needs to spend its money on, because I figure if you're going to shell out some buck, might as well go all the way and do it right. Unfortunately, the city seems determined to do it wrong. I also take the local team, the Richmond Braves, (and their owner, the Atlanta Braves) to task on a number of issues, the worst of which is their glaring apathy and seeming disinterest in the situation here in town.

Big thanks to Chad and Jack, my editors at Richmond Magazine...I basically just called them up and said "I'd like to complain like a cranky old man about baseball for a full page, and I'd like you to pay me for it!" and they graciously made it happen. I hope at the very least that this strip inspires some angry letters, which I know they love!

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