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Heroes Con takes place this weekend in steamy Charlotte NC! It's my favorite show of the year, like a super-fun three day family reunion. I'll be at AA-1127 in Indie Island all weekend long, and I'll be drinkin' and drawin' in the hotel bar of the nearby Hilton on Friday night to raise money for the fight against Parkinson's Disease. If you're nearby, I DEMAND that you go!

In other news, we have some winners in the Atom-Bomb Bikini Playoff Challenge! Third prize goes to Abram, with 6 out of a possible 11 points. Franklin comes in at number two, with 7 points. And the grand prize goes to Adam D., with an amazing, perfect 11-for-11 bracket! If you're one of the winners, get me your info so's I can get you your swag...and thanks for playing, everybody!

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Franklin said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks again for the cool contest! I was lucky enough to come in 2nd. I am a big fan of yours! I bought one of your Kings hockey honeys, Bluelines, and Old Time Hockey a year and a half ago, and I love them!
My email address is franklin.white@gmail.com, and my mailing address is
Franklin White
951 Virginia #D
El Segundo, CA 90245