Carbon Pen

I got this new tool via JetPens.com and a recommendation by my pal Ben Towle. Gonna use it to ink the angel wings back tattoo. Seeya in the emergency room!


Michael Dooney said...

very cool. I am a Jetpens fanatic myself, brush markers mostly.
Can you get a thick and thin line with this pen or are you building it up to look like a brush line here? I have found most fountain pens have a static line so I'd be interested in hearing if this one has a flexible nib and you can get more than one thickness of line with it.

bdouglas701 said...

Is there a finished version of this pic. I love the sketch

bdouglas701 said...

Makes me think of ol SRV

Robert Ullman said...

B.C., there is; I blogged it here!