Night of Honky-Tonk Angels III

Pals and gals, if you're in the Richmond area and are looking for something AWESOME to do tomorrow night, June 2, might I suggest The Night of Honky-Tonk Angels III show at the Canal Club. It's a benefit for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, featuring bands, music and cars, and it should be a rollicking good time. What could possibly be wrong with an entire club filled with folks who are absolutely dedicated to boobs?

For my part, I was thrilled to be asked to handle the poster design and illustration, and I'm very happy with how the art turned out. The original art will in fact be auctioned off at some point tomorrow evening, so you can own this illustration of the lovely "Angel", our official mascot for the event. There'll be a few other items featuring Angel for purchase as well.

You can find out more via the NOHTA blog or on the Facebook... So c'mon out, for goodness' sake, and tell 'em Chappy sent 'cha!

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Mark said...

Great drawing, smoking hot, beautiful, really don't do justice when describing that illustration. One word does: merchandise. That picture screams out to be put on a skateboard deck or as part of a collection of edgy, graphic t-shirts like BAPE. I hope you kept the rights to it!

Just a thought:)