Helloooooo, Nurse!

Awhile back I did a West Virginia Mountaineers commission for Matt, and he was happy enough with it to look into purchasing another. For the second, he mentioned off-hand that his lovely wife was a nurse, and I decided to go with it. I was trying to channel the spirit of such classic good-girl pin-up artists as Gil Elvgren and Fritz Willis, and while I'd never dream of comparing myself to those legendary fellows, I think it's a worthy attempt... more so for the delightfully cornball tagline!


Unknown said...

Kind of re-discovering this art form. Thanks for turning me on to the work of Fritz Willis & Gil Elvgren. I know I've seen their work before, not I have a source of reference.
By the way, kudos for the sexy toon art !

Peter K. said...

Didn't you JUST mention "Draw some girls with clothes on...Look thru some catalogs, put 'em in some cool outfits..." ... well, congrats on reaching that goal in record time!!

Once again, kick - ass job!!

Best of & let's go Pens!!!