Top o' the World, Ma!

If you'll look close at this still of the great Paul Lukas, speaking about whacked-out, modern college football uniforms on today's episode of CBS Sunday Morning, you'll see a couple of my girlie pin-up stickers in the background. Which means my work was on national TV, and on one of my favorite shows, to boot! Sad that it's this exciting to me.

Make sure to watch the video...like almost everything on Sunday Morning, it's aces!


Todd V said...

Man...I love CBS Sunday morning. Good eye on your stickers! Yer famous!!

I love the end of this piece...Paul blazed Under-Armour before they debuted those shitty uni's this season on Uni-Watch...looks like he got another punch in.....

Dave E said...

Can't believe you spotted those, my friends say I'm too young for "Sunday Morning", but I do enjoy a good story or two from time to time. I love Uni-watch too! Love looking at the hockey stories. It really does go hand in hand with your site.