S is for Sloth

I never really paid much attention to sloths until I began searching for animals to draw for the letter S. Looking at some photos, I was shocked to see just how much they look like Muppets in real life! They're hilarious!


Isaac said...

Every time I see video of a young sloth, I want to have one as a pet. And then I think about how they must smell, and I reconsider.

Anyway, your drawing reminds me that although I went a really different route with this week's animal alphabet, I did once draw a sloth for a totally different project on my blog.

TomC said...

Hey, we missed R! ;)

James Anderson said...

Ah, the animal that best matches my personality. These are all great. I want a book.

There's a sloth at the science center nearby and, I had no idea about this, apparently they take a dump like once every two weeks. And it's nasty.