Duo Damsel

Continuing my Legion of Super-Heroes theme started last fall...here's Duo Damsel! Her power is to split into two identical bodies...it used to be three, when she used the name Triplicate Girl, but then one of her selves was killed by an evil computer. Oh, and she's married to this guy. Their story could be an early-2000s CBS sitcom.


Michael Dooney said...

yea, more comic girls. I think she may be Triplicate Girl again these days, but it is so hard to keep track of the Legion chronology...they are about to reboot a new series I think.

Mark said...

Sheesh. It's a cool series, but they do so love their reboots.

How about some Legion of Substitute Heroines?

emf said...

Does she split into two girls whilst having sex with people?