Tin Caps and Gold Cups

My good pal Todd, a designer in Atlanta, recently had the logo he created for the Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball team chosen as the Baseball Digest logo of the year. A fine honor, and well-deserved! Bravo, pal!

If only Todd's firm had been chosen to create the identity for Richmond's new baseball team, the Flying Squirrels, who debuted their set this week! While I wouldn't say I hate it, I'm not too excited about it either...but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, I thought I'd take this chance to post a pin-up I did last spring featuring a TinCaps jersey! Enjoy!


Peter said...

I tip my cap to you!!

Eric said...

I kinda like the Flying Squirrels logo. Just found out that team was formerly the Norwich Navigators?Connecticut somethings...now both AA eastern league CT teams are gone

Anonymous said...

That is hot with the tin caps jersey!!!

Jason S