Detroit Lions

Because it's Thanksgiving, and you just never know!


Leonardo Romanelli said...

Beautiful! I really like your jobs!
I'm your biggest fan in Brazil (well, that's what I think)!

See ya!

PS. Post more Steelers Girls! Black and Gold Rules!

Alex said...

Yeah I second that one! I am a huge fan too. Robert can you please contact me to discuss a opportunity? I operate http://www.bikinideals.com and http://www.bodyboy.com and we would love to have you do some custom work for our web sites. Thank you so much Robert it is an honor!

Alonzo the Armless said...

Beautiful drawing! Thanks for looking out for us Detroit Ullman fans.

James Anderson said...

Now we know.

Robert Ullman said...

If I'm being completely forthright with you...I pretty much knew going in. Just didn't want to spoil anybody's holiday.