San Diego Comic-Con: The Photos

There's a lot of 'em, for once!

JCC's first flight. Who's a big boy?

The calm before the storm.

Look at all those people!

Our setup.

This was the aisle we were near, watching thousands of people speed past us on their way to buy pink Green Lantern dolls and Exclusive Comic-Con "My Little Pony"s.

This probably deserves its own post, but Jim Mahfood's live art show Thursday night was highlight of the weekend. I gotta find some way to hook something like this up in Richmond...

Costumes and goofy stuff:

Pals: Andy Runton and JCC enjoy some pre-preview night Greek food.

Jordan Crane's beautiful booth.

Self-portrait with Brett Warnock and Jeff Lemire.

The Aftermath

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willy willions said...

I think the sad-clown Firestorm is my favorite.