The matchups aren't all quite set, but there's little doubt who I'll be picking in round two in the east, be it Bruins, Caps or Hurricanes! As I'll be on the road for the next few days, I'll post my picks for the semifinal round tomorrow, but the art will have to wait until the weekend (which means no one will care).

About the image: This is actually a portrait of my own lovely wife, created (at least in part) as the answer to her oft-asked question "When are you gonna draw me in a sports jersey?". She also specifically requested that it be a Sidney Crosby #87 Penguins jersey, though she now has no memory of ever having done so.


Tommy said...

You are a lucky man.

Brian B said...

You simply gotta love these pics !

also have to say "Let s go Nucks" though ;-)


slush said...

love it!

Kansas said...

very nice.