New Comics Day - Everyday

This odd strip is from Everyday, a collection of comics written by my pal Chris Radtke. It, like all the others in the book, is an illustrated account of an entry on his fake blog. I'm not sure if it's still out there, but his real blog is, and it's absolutely hilarious. Prometheus!

EDIT: Let's hear it for old computers! I had the site bookmarked on the iBook, so here it is.


Anonymous said...

Rob i would like to get some more information from you on getting one of those drawings that you have been doing for the uniwatch readers. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

Robert Ullman said...

Hey Adam- couldn't be easier... just shoot me an email at rkullman at comcast dot net!

Unknown said...

This is great! Kinda has a little Dan Clowes feel to it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Rob! I'm the guy who ordered the Sin City drawing at Heroes Con this year. I've sent you two emails but my Hotmail has been wonky lately. Did you get the emails?

Jason H.