Here's another two-fer for you, courtesy of myself and Lurid pal Jay Geldhof. It's Apokoliptian warrior-wench Lashina, created by the late, great Jack Kirby. I haven't seen Jay's version yet, so here's hoping he doesn't wipe the floor with me too badly!

A couple notes about the character...she's a toughie! There's really no tenderness to her personality, so any sexiness seems purely coincidental. Plus, that costume, while completely awesome and unique, is a bear to work with. Those straps across the face are always a challenge, and rendering them in profile is just about impossible! That said, I may be taking another crack at this somewhere down the line, in a little more of an action pose!


Jay Geldhof said...

VERY nice!
Love that crazy ass background and the costume looks GREAT!
You didn't "drop-kick" it like I did!

Alonzo the Armless said...

I want to praise the background too. How'd do you do it? Is it a scan?

Robert Ullman said...

Naw, not a scan, I just used the Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone setting in Photoshop. Mess with it a bit, it's fun!

It's funny with ol' Lash, her costume has been interpreted so many different ways thru the years that it can look a lot different depending on whose version you're looking at. I was looking at the original first appearance (least I think it was) from the recent Fourth World Omnibus books, but Jay's version looks more to me like the sorta-simplified version employed by Timm, Dini et.al. in the various DC animated series.

Either way: thanks, boys!

Robert Ullman said...

On the topic of the Timm/Dini Lashina...look at what's coming soon to Target!


rory said...

Cool! Always nice to see some of Kirby's lesser known characters get some lovin'.

Dan said...

Great stuff here man, always love your colors and of course all the lovely ladies.

Unknown said...

Hi there Robert,
I host a weekly art jam on my R3 Forum, the message board that supports my main illustration site at http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com. A few weeks back, the random selection to be pulled was the Kirby Fourth World/ New Gods stuff. I chose to do Lashina for my own contribution. In the course of my research on the character, I used both your piece and Jay's. Such good stuff...

Anyway, my piece is posted here, along with links back to your two blogs in my process comments. Love your work!