About a week or so ago, my pal Jay Geldhof suggested on his blog that he and I take a crack at drawing the same character...we settled on Aayla Secura, that blue Jedi chick from the Star Wars prequels, and got to it. We agreed to post them today, and although he beat me by a good six hours, I managed to bring it in on time.

The results are pretty good, I think...there're some coloring issues on my end that I think coulda worked out better, but overall, I guess I'm happy with it. I especially like the way Jay handled the lightsaber on his piece, and while I'll blame the underwhelming quality of mine on time constraints, in reality I could've had another three weeks and it probably wouldn't matter.

Also, following the big guy's lead, I'm posting the sketchbook page in which I worked out a bunch of possible poses before settling on one. I might take another crack at it if I get the itch!


Jay Geldhof said...

I'm diggin' it!
Nice fluidity to the pose, cute face, and I love how you brought her spots down onto the body.

Shon Richards said...

I have yet to see any of the new Star Wars movies but if characters looked like this I would be willing to suffer through them.

I'd love to see you two do this on a regular basis.

Robert Ullman said...

Actually, Shon, there's a great (if split-second) bit in the "Revenge of the Sith" trailer where Aalya Secura and her fantastic boobs bounce across the screen. It's her only scene in the movie, and she gets whacked by stormtroopers a couple seconds later. Further proof that if George Lucas has a dick, it's only CGI.