Bloated Bimboes

I just don't understand the public's rabid fervor over the life of a woman whose only claim to fame was managing to parlay a huge set of jugs into millions of dollars. Maybe it's the fact that she did it despite being, if a mountain of video evidence is to be believed, severely retarded. But hell, there's lots about the public I don't understand.

That said, here's my only comment on the whole disgusting Anna Nicole Smith debacle, from this week's Savage Love: A guy writes in to inquire whether or not it's okay to still whack off to Anna's Playboy pictures, even though she's deceased. Short answer: No.


Unknown said...

Really? No? What about Jayne Mansfield?

Mack said...

Well I never thought she was that great to begin with, big set of boobs or not. All this hulabaloo has only turned my ambivelence into being more irritated at today's "pop" media outlets than usual.

Great illo though, Rob.

Robert Ullman said...

I think part of why he says "no" is 'cause it's too soon. I'd imagine Jayne Mansfield's been gone long enough.

Yeah, when I first saw Smith years and years ago, I thought, yeah, she was pretty amazing. But that didn't last, and crap like her reality show didn't help.

Actually, I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but on the very day before she died, as my wife made me sit through yet another Entertainment Tonight segment on her wedding plans or some shit, I remarked, "Boy, her lethal overdose can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned!".


Unknown said...

I am talking about pictures of Jayne Mansfield post-decapitation, though. Does that change anything?