Long time no post...my apologies. Been working on some fun stuff that, unfortunately, I can't share just yet. Stay tuned.

Anyhow, I do have this to show...Grant Morrison's new and improved Bulleteer from Seven Soldiers. Obviously, I'm no pro at the chrome/metal effects, usually opting for a mor animation-based flat shadow theme...but I figured I could live with this as an embarrassing public "first attempt". If anyone out there has any ideas or insights into how to improve for next time, please feel free to share 'em.


Chris Stewart said...

I haven't done any real shinny colour work in a while but I had one teacher in College that used to tell us to pretend the subject is reflecting a desert scene (only if the background was abstract or a desert). It really makes a difference and it allows you to ad a little bit of warmth to the cool metal colour. Having said that I think you did a great job a hell of a lot better than I could.

Eric Wolfe Hanson said...


A good shorthand trick for metallics is the make a harsh highlight that gets cuts by a shadow that blends into the midtone (like the image linked above) as opposed to a light to mid to dark rendering. It can be easily simplified to a minimal Bruce Timm kinda style, too.

Robert Ullman said...

Hey, Eric, that's good advice...thanks!