Fair's Fair

This piece is from a recent Savage Love column, about a girl who surprised her boyfriend by indulging his fantasy of a threesome, then afterward demanding that he in turn indulge her most secret desire...to be with two dudes at the same time while he watched! That's dirty pool.


Mario Andrei said...

OMG! he was owned :P

that's what u get when you make your "wildest dreams" come true..

by the way, awesome work!.. i like your illustration style

*thumbs up*

Owen said...

I've seen at least three different illustrators do stuff for Savage's columns. Does each paper hire their own?

Robert Ullman said...

Yeah...the column is syndicated, but it's kind of up to the specific papers to decide on whether to run an illustration. I wish more of them did! I definitely think it'd be a way to draw more readers!

Call or email your local alt-weeklies and say "Make Mine Ullman!"

Jimmy M. Espana said...