Channelling Charles Burns

This week's Savage Love column deals with a woman waking up in the middle of the night to witness something very disturbing. Since nobody conveys late night creepiness better than Charles Burns, I tried to take a similar approach when I inked the spot. The results? Not bad...although I'm not sure if appropriating someone's inking style can be considered plagiarism. Any thoughts?


Alonzo the Armless said...

No worries, Chappy. It doesn't look like Charles Burns to me. It looks like Charles Burns-influenced Ullman. Nice job.

Robert Ullman said...

Thanks, Alonzo...That's kinda what I figured, but you can never be too sure.

Anonymous said...

I think you could do more of this sort of thing without looking like you're ripping off Charle Burns. I agree with Alonzo--it's Burns filtered through Ullman. I think many people wouldn't place the influence--your stuff isn't as creepy.

Jay Geldhof said...

I gotta "ditto" everyone else.
I dig the heavy blacks.
Nice change o' pace, and it fits the piece, 'natch.